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Effects of Search Engine Optimization

Can you even tell me right now where the nearest phonebook is in proximity to where you are sitting right now? My, my how things change so quickly in the world we live in. I remember a time when advertising in a phone book was a must for your company to succeed – and the phone book new it! My brother-in-law has a small business for carpet cleaning and in 2009 he was paying almost $35,000.00 a year for an advertisement in the the Yellow Pages. I built him a website and within two years, had pulled completely from the Yellow Pages and was spending far less on SEO while gaining new business and building something that he could control and would last far into the future.

Companies who invest in proper SEO see the effects of search engine optimization far beyond the paycheck. Topping Google in 2014 means your business will be one of the most successful businesses in your market, and because Google looks at traffic as part of its mysterious algorithm, once you’re on top, if you have good SEO strategies, it’s very hard for your ranking to slack.

Topping Google in 2014 means your business will be one of the most successful businesses in your market

Like many ideas and people who are the best, SEO is not doing one thing, or some kind of trade secret that only certain people can understand. SEO makes people believe its a one time optimization, some kind of magic trick that changes your life, but in the end, just like any other professional, it takes time, training, and most of all, strong work ethic. It has to become a part of your workflow, and be just as important as any other part of your business.

homecut creative offers SEO training, management and workshops to help spread the word to our clients. It’s one of our strongest assets in help small businesses tell their story, because it’s hard to tell a story if no one is seeing it.

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