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Best Use of Video for Small Businesses

Moving pictures started the transformation of advertising long ago, but today, video has transitioned from TV to the computer, and most effective advertising campaigns require some sort of video content. Where do small businesses come into this picture?

The best use of video for small businesses can be something as simple as a 15 second viral ad, or perhaps a 5 minute video thoroughly explaining a product or idea. Either way the content has to be “sticky.” With youtube and vimeo revolutionizing the attention span of target audiences, it takes a keen eye to visualize them watching your video content and what will hold someone’s attention. Short means you might not get across your point. Long means the viewer might not finish the video.

Video content on websites has also help with search engine optimization. Pages with videos on them will often show thumbnails on google which grabs attention over those listings without. Once your potential client is on the page, watching a video keeps them their longer, and the amount of time a user stays on a page greatly helps the optimization of that page and your website. Lastly there is specific SEO code that can be used for videos that help them rank individually (on youtube and vimeo) which partners your website with those larger search engine based video hubs, and gains attention for your business.

No matter what your cause, whether its a Kickstarter campaign or a 20 year dentist office, videos will grow your business. Homecut has years of experience creating effective marketing videos for small businesses. Those videos have been effective on their own, and as a part of a larger campaign. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer.

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