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homecut offers very select services with an acute personal touch. We are offering services that we know others offer, but hope to connect with each of our clients in way that ends up feeling more like a friendship. While both of us (Jenny and Jonathan) are passionate and capable of each of the services we offer, we do have specialties that we consider “our world.”

Jenny has been photographing everything for over 10 years. Everything includes commercial, product, architecture, landscape, families, newborns, and weddings and we have new and unseen ideas we would love to share with you if you find yourself needing photography services. Jenny also has a passion for design and loves to create totally new brands for companies in need as well as marketing materials, including writing copy, and designing whole campaigns from the ground up. All of her work can be found in our portfolio on this site.

Jonathan first claimed he wanted to be a director in the 8th grade during show and tell, and has always had a love for motion picture. For the last 4 years, he has been the creative director of an Austin production company as well as the co-owner for that company. During that time, Jonathan also found a need for web design and administration to display his work publicly as well as love for the competitive world of search engine optimization (SEO) while marketing his production company.

Jenny and Jonathan’s passion spreads across all parts of their lives. Once they realized what they could offer clientele, homecut was inevitable, offering photography across all markets, video services, web design and SEO, as well as branding for small businesses. homecut offers exactly what is considered a necessity for brands to succeed and we hope to hear from you.